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Are you interested in the digital, marketing, digital, communications or technology industries? Fancy a more entertaining way of keeping up with the news stories and trends that are impacting your world? If you answered yes and yes, why not check out this entertaining, weekly industry news commentary chat show from the UK, brought to you by hosts Aleksandra and Elliott from the International Digital Agency, MintTwist? Aleksandra is the well-spoken media commentator and x-candidate on BBC Apprentice, who is opinionated on most things and in her opinion, is always right. Elliott is the CEO and Co-Founder of MintTwist and visiting University Lecturer. He likes to think of himself as knowledgeable on marketing, business and technology - he's a bit of a nerd. WATCHTIME is produced in London, by Digital Agency, MintTwist and Multistreamed with Restream.

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